Hello! Welcome to this utterly simple (and ugly) page.

A DNL-blocklist (rdnsbl) is hosted here, named dnsbl.beetjevreemd.nl.

If you suspect you are listed, use a regular resolver to find out. Don't forget to reverse the ip! :)

If you are listed, tough luck. Try to find a contact method using tools like whois and nslookup. Probably an abuse-at address works.
I heard it was too difficult finding the abuse address. Try abuse at beetjevreemd dot nl.


Some considerations about this BL. Yes, you may use it. Bear in mind, this was created for personal usage. Nevertheless, it has a good ratio.

Every listing is a manual one. It will never be done on a single message.
Sometimes whole IP ranges are listed, but please be reassured that contact has been sought with the right abuse@ parties.

Because of this, I tend to keep evidence as of why a listing exists (but as a human, I made a mistake or two).

Recommendation: Use this list as a scoring system in your spam-fighting software (such as spamassassin).
I am planning on a double list. One for scoring (or soft bounce) and one for an outright ban. Maybee three. (jan-2021 plan ditched)